We are a team working on the intersection of concept, design, code and data.

We thrive by being challenged and embrace change. Open minded to the unknown and on a quest to never stop learning and improving.

Jan Scheffler

Developer and Founder

Kilian Rullk├Âtter

Designer and Founder

A Manifesto

Here's what we believe in.

  1. 1We do our research and base all of our decisions on tangible facts.
  2. 2We value transparency and honesty.
  3. 3We are seeking for long-lasting relationships.
  4. 4We want to be open-minded and always keep learning and improving.
  5. 5We follow an adaptable process and share the progress.
  6. 6We want to be open-minded and always keep learning.
  7. 7We believe technology should simplify and not over-complicate.
  8. 8We like to be fast and efficient.